New moves are being made by Quavo and fans are excited to see what comes of his recent deal. Scooter Braun has widely made headlines in recent months due to his ongoing scandal about purchasing Taylor Swift's masters, but the entertainment executive is a powerhouse force in the industry. He's been instrumental in the development of Bieber mania as he's acted as Justin Bieber's manager for over a decade, and he also handles the careers of Usher, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, and Ashley Graham.

Quavo, Migos, Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun
Isaac Brekken / Stringer / Getty Images

It's being reported that Quavo is adding his name to the roster and it's expected that with Migos's next album release quickly approaching, we'll see much more from the rappers. They've been successfully operating their individual careers while balancing working as a trio, and now that Quavo has Scooter in his corner, fans expect his career to reach new heights.

Hypebeast reports that this deal won't interfere with any contractual management agreements set in place for Migos as a group. In February 2020, Quavo assisted Bieber on "Intentions," a track that marked the rapper's 6th Top 10 hit. This deal may be a hint at a solo project to come in the future, so we'll make sure to keep you updated on that if it materializes. In the meantime, check out Bieber and Quavo's "Intentions" hit below.