In what may very well amount to the silliest story of the day, Quavo has decided to pause his recent Toy Story binge to showcase some new duds. Taking to Instagram, Quavo came correct with the Woody references, going so far as to base his latest outfit off the beloved Pixar hero. Not only that, but he even re-purposed Woody's iconic "there's a snake in my boot" line, with a more trap friendly take on the expression. "There's a snake in my bando," he writes. I suppose we'll have to take it. 

What's even more interesting, aside from the potential theories that Quavo has been quietly slipping in and out of Comic-Con, is what he writes in the caption. "F O R T N I T E M E," he says, alluding to the massive game's propensity for implementing hip-hop culture into their franchise. It seems likely that Quavo is looking to secure a piece of that billion dollar bag, if the notion is at all possible. Perhaps he's simply modelling a potential skin; could you imagine running up on fools like some sort of trap Woody? Kids have spent more on less.

Given the game's popularity with those in the hip-hop community, perhaps this marks the dawn of a new era. Behold the new fashion trend: unlockable skin chic