People all over the Internet have been participating in "The Broom Challenge," the latest fad to take over social media. It all began on Monday, February 10th, when one user on Twitter claimed that NASA had announced that that day was the only day that the Earth's gravitational force was so strong, brooms could stand up on their own. Before we knew it, broomsticks all across the globe were balancing themselves as the supposed force of gravity kept them in place. While it's since been proven to be a hoax, the challenge has kept the Internet entertained for at least a few days while chaos has ensued in the real world. Even celebrities are partaking in "The Broom Challenge," and the latest to test out their trusty broom was hip-hop power couple, Quavo and Saweetie.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Joining the ranks of Tory Lanez, Future, Blac Chyna, and more, Quavo shared an Instagram video on Tuesday of his own version of 
"The Broom Challenge," in which he pretends to have magical powers that can control the broom's actions.

In the beginning of the clip, Quavo waits for his girlfriend, Saweetie, to notice that their broom is standing up all on its own right beside her as she does her makeup. Saweetie appears to be uninterested in whatever shenanigans he's up to, as she asks him to get the broom out of her room. Quavo then tries to make the broom come toward him without touching it, but Saweetie is clearly not impressed. He captioned the post, "Ok The #broomchallenge Ova Wit 🧹 😒," since Saweetie didn't exactly fall for his tricks, but followed it up with a comment claiming, "She Think The Broom 🧹 is Witchcraft 😭😭." Not sure about that one, Quavo, but you get an A for effort.