Remember when Cardi B rapped about Chipolte in her feature verse on Jennifer Lopez's "Dinero" and the restaurant chain followed up by giving her a lifetime supply of free guac and chips coupons? It looks like Quavo may be getting some of the same benefits from Domino's Pizza (hopefully) since the "Lamb Talk" rapper trolled the pizza house on Instagram after they delivered some very burnt pepperoni pies. 

In the video below you can see Quavo getting excited to open up his pizza boxes, but he's quickly disappointed when half of the pizza is burnt, almost to a crisp. "My heart hurts all the good tips I give!!! This how you do me," Quavo captioned the video that hears his shock to the burnt pizza. "Ohhhhh Dominos is smoke," he added. One has to wonder how Domino's would even let these clearly half-burnt pizzas out the door?

The burnt pizza uproar has sparked some fans to discuss Quavo's food of choice on Twitter, shocked that the established rapper is still ordering pizza. 

"There’s no way in hell I’m rich AND still ever eat dominos pizza.... Quavo some other nigga," one user wrote, while another added: "Knowing that Quavo eats Dominos makes me like Offset just a 👌🏾 more."