Quavo might be just as good as an athlete as he is a rapper. If we're being honest, these days, Quavo's proved that he might actually be a better basketball player than he is a rapper. That's not shot at him. We're just hoping that Culture III lives up to the hype. Anyways, Quavo and Jack Harlow faced off against 2 Chainz and Lil Baby in a 2v2 basketball game and won. Needless to say, he was feeling himself.

Quavo made a bold claim, perhaps one that was earned by the end of the night, when he declared himself to be "the best hip-hop basketball player" in the world. While some might argue that he'd have to compete against J. Cole and Lil Durk, he said it half-hesitantly but wholeheartedly. "I finna prove it tonight," he added during the pre-game interview. He did, ultimately, but there were a few other people who felt like Quavo might not be that hot on the court. One person being Sheck Wes. In response to Bleacher Report's tweet, he fired back with a ton of laughing emojis.

Sheck Wes isn't necessarily one to play with on the court, either. Though he ultimately didn't get drafted into the NBA, he did sign with a division two French basketball team. Maybe one day we'll see Sheck and Quavo finally determine who the best rapper/basketball player is.

Who do you have your money on in a 1v1?