The secrecy surrounding Offset's solo album remains intact even on its supposed release date. For months, the Migos rapper has been teasing December 14 as a possible release date, lining it up with his birthday. After his split with Cardi B, that appears to have changed because the album is nowhere to be found. Yesterday, the artist announced The Set Gala, a party that he would be hosting on Saturday, December 15. It wouldn't make too much sense to hype up the party without dropping the album, right? Now, Quavo is assuring fans that the work is still on the way.

All Offset had to say after his album didn't drop last night was a loud "oops." No explanation or reschedule was offered, only "oops." Thankfully, Quavo may have just come through in the clutch by telling all his followers that the project is still coming. His message wasn't specific but it contains enough information for supporters of the group to get their hopes back up. After wishing his Migos brother a happy birthday, Quavo wrote, "S E T G A L A O T W." In case you have difficulty decoding "Migos talk," that says "Set Gala on the way." He may just be talking about the special party happening tomorrow night or he's making a reference to the upcoming album.

Happy birthday, Offset! Now, please drop the album.