The Denver Broncos have had a pretty complicated situation at the quarterback spot for the last few weeks. Before today, it was unclear what would happen at that position, with Drew Lock, Brett Rypien, and Blake Bortles all considered high-risk close contact with Jeff Driskel, who tested positive for COVID-19. It was revealed that all three had tested negative for the virus today, which means that they're cleared to return but, before that was clear, Quavo had an interesting offer for the Broncos.

"I’ll Go Play For The @Broncos YALL Still Need A QB?" asked the Migos rapper on Twitter. 

In case you were unaware, Quavo is actually very good on the field. While he was likely a long shot to land the job, especially given his already-busy schedule, he could probably have tried out for the role in another life. Judging by his highlight reels, he's quite the athlete, excelling in both football and basketball.

In case that much wasn't clear, the rapper shared some extra footage of him from a recent stint on the field, completing a pass to his receiver.

Thankfully, the Broncos didn't need to ring up Quavo but, if they encounter any future injury or COVID-19 issues, they know that the man is ready to ball out.

Do you think Quavo is good enough to play on an NFL team?