Co-parenting can be difficult for anyone, but when you're living your life out loud for the world to criticize, things can become exponentially acrimonious. Queen Naija has been a public figure for years, starting her career as a YouTube star, and she began with Chris Sails by her side. The singer and her then-husband created a following together and even welcomed their son CJ into the world but in 2017, the couple filed for divorce.

Over the years, there have been outbursts from Sails regarding his former relationship with Queen, and almost every time he comes forward with an accusation, she immediately claps right back. Today (May 12) wasn't any different. Sails tweeted, "You break somebody heart that's one thing. But trying to take they child away and give them a limited amount of time for 1 month the whole year is dead wrong."

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"Smh.... it's fathers who don't wanna be in they child life at all," Sails continued. "I guess that's what I get." Queen wasn't having it, and after TheShadeRoom reposted the tweet, Queen hopped in the comments to set the records straight. According to her, he sees his son all of the time.

"[cap emoji].. he gets to see his son at least a week out of each month," Queen commented. "He’s mad he only gets one month out of summer. Based on the situations Cj has been put in while in his fathers care .. and the evidence I have in my files.. I’m being very lenient, so let’s tread lightly. Im protecting my son. hate when ppl play victim."

In April 2020, Sails was reportedly arrested and it was shared that their son, CJ, was in his care and couldn't be located. At the time, Queen sent out a panicked, public plea for someone to help her find her child. 

"Also, everyone with their 2cents could save it cause y'all speaking on only what y'all have seen not knowing there's more," Queen added about her ex's tweet. "Apart of being a parent is leading by a GOOD example." Check out the messages below.