Although she's addressed this controversy on numerous occasions, singer Queen Naija returns with another video about the accusations that she's a colorist. Before she was making waves as an R&B star, Queen Naija was a YouTube personality developing a brand over on the video streaming network. In 2017, she shared a video where she spoke about being bullied as a child and described her assailants as "nappy-headed little girls." While she didn't outright describe the skin color of any of her bullies, people didn't like her word choice and believed she was talking about dark-skinned people. Soon, Queen Naija was labeled a colorist after describing her bullies as "black," "ugly," "nappy-headed" girls.

A year later, she decided to address the rumors in another video she uploaded to YouTube. However, her explanation fell on deaf ears. It seems that Queen Naija has spent some time thinking about her controversy and once again has appeared with another discussion about being labeled as a colorist.

"I have never been a colorist. I have never felt that I was better because I was light-skinned," she said. "I feel like melanin's beautiful... The words I have used in the past, they were probably ignorant. Not probably. They were ignorant. Back then, I didn't know they were ignorant because that's what I was just used to. I wasn't that educated on my culture and wasn't deeply rooted into it."

She added that in the past, she didn't understand how she offended anyone, but she now sees how her words affected people, especially Black women. Watch Queen Naija give her explanation below.