Twitter has not been holding back their feelings for Queen Naija. Last night, her name was dragged through the mud more times than we could count. While your instinct might be that she must have done something to deserve this volume of slander, the sudden backlash has come seemingly from out of nowhere. 

Don't get me wrong, Queen Naija has inadvertently set off fans in the past with things like, offensive Instagram captions — but nothing to immediately warrant the hate she has gotten online in the last 24 hours. What started off as a random fan tweeting side-by-side photos of her and Jhene Aiko, snowballed into the roast of Queen Naija. It seems that R&B fans have not taken a liking to the singer. In fact, quite the contrary.

Eventually, Twitter got even more ruthless and launched an active investigation — looking for any reason to hate on her. Some even irrationally blamed her for all the recent and unrelated backlash against other artists.

Evidently, Queen Naija's week is off to a rough start. The silver lining is that it can't get much worse, so here's hoping that her reputation on Twitter turns around.