Queen Naija, is in hot water with fans after posting a photo of her son on Instagram with an arguably controversial caption. The "Dream" singer created an Instagram account for her toddler son, Legend White, where she periodically posts adorable photos of him.

Fans love it — his account has already racked up 544K followers. Unfortunately, things went awry when she captioned one of his photos: "Starting to wonder if my dad is Asian."

Due to the overwhelming backlash, she disabled the comments on the photo, but not before addressing the situation herself. Rather than issuing an apology to appease whomever she offended, Naija instead, stuck to her guns. She made light of her fans' recoil, jokingly insinuating that her son wrote the caption himself. "My son isn't changing his caption," she wrote. "If he thinks he looks Asian then that his caption."

"Stop being upset about everything," she added. "He hasn't said anything wrong." Unfortunately, her joke went over many heads, causing even more confusion than before. But ultimately, it looks like Queen Naija is not sorry for the caption she made on her son's photo, and doesn't plan on retracting her comment anytime soon.