UPDATE (03/25/16 5:09pm): Is this meme Meek Mill's response to Miller's story about getting attacked by the Dreamchasers in L.A.? 

Original text below:

The beef that dominated the headlines for much of last year, that between Drake and Meek Mill, had simmered down recently -- until now, as Quentin Miller, the ghostwriter who started it all, has come forth with a major revelation. In a new interview with VladTV, Miller confirmed rumors that he was beat up by Meek Mill and his Dreamchasers crew in L.A. 

The interview began with Vlad showing Miller a clip of an unreleased interview with hip-hop personality Taxstone, in which Taxstone touches on rumors of Meek's crew beating up Miller in a Foot Locker. As it turns out, the episode actually took place in a Nike store, but immediately upon hearing Taxstone address the situation, Miller confirmed, "It's true." 

"I shed blood in the Nike store on Wilshire," laughed Miller, before tapping on the Nike swoosh on his chest. 

Miller went on to reveal that Meek had spotted him in Beverly Hills and that they had spoken before they would soon reconvene in the Nike store. "We was in L.A., I was walking to the Nike store," explained Miller, "and he approached me. And this is really my first time talking with Meek, and basically he told me, like, he ain't really appreciate the letter I dropped and [the letter] made him seem like he was a liar and what not." 

The "R.I.C.O." ghostwriter went on to explain that Meek and his crew made an attempt to surround him in front of the paparazzi, but Miller, uninterested, decided to walk away into the Nike store. And the Dreamchasers followed. 

Apparently while in the Nike store, one of Meek's guys approached Miller and said, "I need you to go on camera and say you apologize to Meek Mill," and while Miller was in the process of saying no, he received a sucker-punch to the face, before all the Dreamchasers ran off. 

He didn't reveal if Meek threw a punch or not, though Miller implied that he was an active participant in the setup. "He was definitely there," said the L.A.-via-Atlanta rapper.  

Miller went on to express his confusion at the scenario. "Punching me is like punching Frank Ocean or punching iLoveMakonnen, you know what I'm saying. Like what kind of points are you getting off of that...I'm one of the most peaceful, nicest motherfuckers that you'll ever meet." 

Also in the clip of the unreleased interview Vlad played for Miller, Taxstone revealed how he had heard that the entire conflict started because Meek was upset that Miller refused to ghostwrite for him, and not Drake, to which Miller adamantly responded: "I'm not getting into detail about that. That's a wrap." 

Another highly interesting turn in a beef that seems as though it'll never end...