The world had barely heard of Quentin Miller when the bombshell allegation that Drake was using ghostwriters came to light. A reference track, of Quentin rapping the iconic hook to Drake's "Know Yourself" showed the world that the biggest rapper in the world had secrets, and thrust Quentin into the spotlight. 

Of course, we all know what happened to Meek Mill after the tried to take on Drake for the ghostwriting allegations, but Quentin has never been able to shake that association. When his name came up yet again in Pusha T's "Infrared," the conversation started from the beginning once again. 

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Quentin opens up about how his connection with Drake has affected his career.

"Yeah, I kind of am tired of it being brought up. People want to give me credit for his whole catalog, but that’s not true," said Quentin. "I was inspired by him, just like everybody else. We collaborated, and that’s that. The way things played out, I don't know if anyone made all the right decisions in all the right scenarios. Ultimately, I wanted people to just see that project as a great project. I didn't want all that negative shit. That was the first major thing I was ever a part of."

Meek Mill exposing Drake spoiled what was supposed to be a great moment for Quentin, similar to a certain pop star's infamous encounter with Kanye West.

"It was sort of like my Taylor Swift moment, and Meek Mill kind of Kanye-ed me," Quentin continues. "I got Kanye-ed by Meek, but it’s all good."