Quentin Tarantino is known for directing action-filled movies that often create at least a little bit of controversy, but the respected filmmaker might be about to boldly go where no man has gone before: behind the scenes for the next installment in the Star Trek movie franchise.

According to Deadline, the man behind The Hateful Eight supposedly has an idea for a new film that takes place in the well-known Trek universe. JJ Abrams, who has been one of the driving forces involved in getting the TV series' reboot on the big screen, has already heard Tarantino's idea in detail and the plan, according to sources, is to set up a writer's room and have several scribes help flesh out the particulars. If the material is up to par, the Pulp Fiction veteran could potentially direct the film himself, with Abrams staying on as a producer.

While better known for helming films that are based on his own original screenplays, it's always been a fascinating discussion within the movie industry about what would happen if Tarantino were to be given the reins for a franchise-type piece of cinema. He's done so for television, having directed two episodes of CSI and one of ER, but he has yet to do something similar in film. Only time will tell if Tarantino's idea for the Star Trek sequel will come to fruition.

JJ Abrams is currently in the midst of preparing what will be the final chapter in Disney's new Star Wars trilogy, Episode IX. The upcoming movie in the sci-fi saga, titled The Last Jedi, opens nationwide on December 15th.