Friends become rivals in this hip-hop shit. It happens all the time. While Kanye previously enjoyed a reputation as one of the game's most respected artists, it currently feels like open season. West coast rappers like Daz Dillinger, Snoop Dogg, and Nipsey Hussle have been taking shots at Ye over his perceived alliance with Donald Trump, and now the legendary Questlove has come through to get his licks in. This weekend, during a performance of  Concert for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Quest was spotted in a t-shirt that read "Kanye West Doesnt' Care About Black People," a parody of West's own words. 

To add insult to injury, the shirt was designed to look like Kanye's Life Of Pablo merchandise. This time, instead of reading "This is an Ultralight Beam," Quest's variation read "This is an alt-right dream." Clever, but it's kind of sad to see prolific figures like Snoop and Quest clowning on Kanye like this. As long as Kanye continues down this divisive road, he shall no doubt continue to amass rivals.

Do you feel like Quest has a point, or is he out of line with this one? To align Kanye with the alt-right movement seems kind of hyperbolic, especially given the vitriol that tends to drive their ideologies. If not for anything, Kanye seems to be on his "love everything" tip these days. It wouldn't be surprising if he ultimately forgave Questlove for the shade.