When YG offered to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration, no one batted an eyelash as it was a truly trolling motivated action considering the fact the he proposed to perform "Fuck Donald Trump." Additionally, when Azealia Banks expressed her discontent because she will not be performing at the event, we all continued to ignore the situation.

But this morning, people woke up to news of an officially confirmed performer for the event, and let's just say it's a bit shocking that the person is none other than R&B songstress Chrisette Michele. While we are all still dealing with the staggering blow, the voice of reason, Hip Hop legend Questlove tweeted his willingness to pay the singer not to perform. While we are not sure how willing he is, we can only imagine that The Roots drummer is dead serious about his offer. The artist posted the following tweet, in addition to another tweet a few hours later thanking his hometown congressional delegation for skipping out on the inauguration.

While Questlove's approach to both asking the singer not to perform while also stating his disapproval of her decision was mild, Twitter users opted for more aggressive tactics and so ensues the hashtag #ChrisetteIsCancelled. We can only hope that Questlove and Chrisette can reach an agreement in these two days before the event. Until then, check out some of the tweets from the trending hashtag.