We were able to catch up with Casey Veggies out in Los Angeles the other week, and the rapper participated in our Quick5 video series. Young Veggies has been working on his debut album for awhile now, and it's definitely about time for it, as he's definitely put in his fair share of work for the mixtape game. Despite never having released a debut album, one of the main factors in consideration for XXL's XXL Freshmen list, Casey has never made the list. We asked the rapper if he felt snubbed by the hip-hop magazine, and although he says yes, he also says, "I feel like I don't give a fuck, and I feel like I'm the greatest. Ever."

We also had to ask Casey about a rumored Drake feature on his long-awaited single "The Boy." While Veggies has performed "The Boy" live, it's never been fully released. So, will it feature Drizzy? "It's a possibility...and you can expect it when everything goes right for Casey Veggies. That would be a good look for me."

Finally, Casey explains the concept of his debut album to us. "The concept of my debut album is like a real mental thought process of a young kid growing up, in the shoes I was in, coming up, how I was rapping and playing basketball and just like being a young kid tryna get out the hood," Casey says. "Really just tryna make it out and choose a different route, and that's what my album is based on. Something inspiring for the young kids."

Take a look at the full Quick5 video below, and watch our Wiz Khalifa Quick5 here.