Quincy Releases Lovelorn "You're Crazy I'm Fine" Music Video

Erika Marie
March 15, 2019 22:30

The "Star" actor has been steadily releasing new music for over a year.

Last year, Quincy released his single "You're Crazy I'm Fine," and today he finally released the accompanying visual for his 2018 summer jam. The video follows the release of Q's "Coming Off Strong" single and a stream of new music where the young entertainer establishes himself as R&B and hip hop artist separate from his familial celebrity status.

As the son of Al B. Sure and the late Kim Porter, and with Diddy as a father as well, Quincy is well-versed in the industry while also attempting to carve out his own lane. His singles "Sorry Kids," "Late Night Flex," "Snuggle Up," "Don't Know Nothing," and "I Can Tell You (featuring Al B.)" show a talented, emerging artist who is more than just a rapper, but a lyricist.

Quincy currently has a lead role on the hit series Star, and he previously explained to Flaunt magazine the different approaches to his acting and music careers. "You know with the acting…I can be five, six, seven different people," Quincy said. "But with the music…the music is me… It’s very expressive, and I got a very intimate connection with how I can translate…into my music…my personality and what I’m feeling. And I do it in a very fun way. My style is very personable…it has a lot of personality, but realness, you know? There’s truth."

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