At this point, you've all heard the comments about R. Kelly after the Lifetime docu-series about his history of sexual abuse aired this weekend. In case you still haven't checked it out, we've published a rundown of what's going on here. It seems everybody is apologizing for working with the singer with people going decades back to say sorry to their fans. R. Kelly's own daughter, Buku Abi, admitted that her father is a "monster" in a lengthy post yesterday. Now, a group is urging Kelly's record label to drop him immediately after all of his accusers spoke out in interviews. 

TMZ captured video of an airplane banner being flown over RCA and Sony Records in Los Angeles, asking the executives to make the right decision and terminate R. Kelly's contract. The sign reads, "RCA/SONY: DROP SEXUAL PREDATOR R KELLY." 

The disgraced singer is being attacked at all corners and it is being reported that he was suffering from intense panic attacks after the Lifetime doc aired. Kelly vowed to prove that each of his accusers were lying about their claims, saying he would go through the list one-by-one until his name was cleared. It doesn't look like he'll have the opportunity to do that because right now, pretty much everybody hates him.