R, Kelly has been formally arrested for the second time in a few weeks, as per TMZ. The media outlet is reporting that R. Kelly has indeed turned himself in after earlier reports indicated he faced an uphill trying to secure the $160,000 due in order to prevent the issuance of an arrest warrant.

Kelly presented himself to The Cook County Sheriff's Office in a convoy of SUVs. Upon entering the building he pled incapable of producing the minimum before the Sheriff's main counter. He then made the same proclamation moments later in the County courthouse, where the notaries remain tight-lipped about what exactly was said.

Although it's 100% evident, R. Kelly did not pay his way to freedom. As the following video goes to demonstrate, Kelly and his bodyguard faced a swath of angry protesters as walked to and fro his vehicle. Public rancor over Kelly has never been as tempestuous as it was today when Kelly showed face when called upon.

And thus, R. Kelly will be headed to jail, where he will remain until the $160,000 is posted by a member of his entourage, on his behalf. The current predicament he finds himself in is not directly related to the prosecutors undertaken by Michael Avenatti & company, even though causal links do readily exist between Kelly's ex-wife Drea and the singer's twisted history of molesting underage women.