R. Kelly's awaiting trial for the 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse charges he was hit with earlier this year. The singer has denied the allegations but that hasn't been enough for him to prove his innocence in the court of public opinion. Despite the heinous accusations, the singer's still trying to get his bag and he's begging the judge to let him fly out of the country to perform and meet with the Royal Family.

According to The Blast, R. Kelly's lawyer filed a motion to allow the singer to fly to Dubai where's allegedly contracted to perform three to five shows in the United Arab Emirates from April 17th to 19th. The singer's legal team argues that he agreed to perform abroad before his arrest and claims that he should be allowed to fulfill his professional obligation. He also claims that he has a meeting with the Royal Family set up in Dubai. It wasn't specified what his lawyer meant by "Royal Family."

Kelly continued to argue that he isn't a flight risk. He claimed that he didn't even run off when the feds were on his tail during his investigation. The singer said that he needed to be able to bring in an income since his music is being pulled from streaming services and his concerts in the U.S. are canceled. The money earned from the shows will “pay his day to day living expenses.”

The singer said he'd return after fulfilling his contractual agreements.