The prisoner responsible for a recently reported attack on R. Kelly has identified himself. Jeremiah Shane Farmer, a Latin Kings gang member, has shared his reasons for physically assaulting Kelly last week. The Chicago facility where R. Kelly is being held has reportedly been subject to numerous lockdowns due to the singer's supporters protesting outside of the jail, and it was believed that an irate inmate released their frustrations on Kelly, himself.

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According to the Chicago Tribune, Famer is facing a life sentence in connection to a 1999 double homicide and racketeering conspiracy charges. Farmer claims that he attacked Kelly in order to bring light to government corruption “in hopes of getting spotlight attention and world news notice."

The outlet further states that Farmer snuck away from "an employee," made his way to Kelly's cell, and "beat him [repeatedly] in the head while Kelly was in the lower bunk." It took pepper spray to stop Farmer's attack. Kelly lawyers want the correctional facility to be investigated because they suspect that a guard or some other personnel facilitated and allowed the incident to take place.

“It appears that MCC personnel simply followed Mr. Farmer, allowed him to carry out the attack, and then only intervened after Mr. Kelly had already sustained serious injuries,” Kelly’s attorney Michael Leonard alleged. The singer's lawyers have been attempting to get their client released while his case is being prepared and investigated, but Kelly continues to be denied at every turn.

“Mr. Kelly was the victim of an unprovoked attack while incarcerated at the MCC because of who he is,” attorney Thomas Farinella said. “It’s clear the Bureau of Prisons cannot adequately accommodate the need to keep him safe.”