R. Kelly's inner circle could be subject to criminal liability for their roles in allegedly aiding the singer in allegedly sexually abusing underage girls. Prosecutors believe R. Kelly's used his inner circle to help lure in underage girls. They allege that he met a 16-year-old girl who was celebrating her birthday at a restaurant, his manager was the one who her a business card with the singer's number on it, telling her that Kelly wanted her to call him. Prosecutors claim Kells sexually abused the girl once a month for a year after she got the singer's number from her mom's purse.

Chicago Police Department via Getty Images

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for two of the alleged victims, said that over 10 associates of R. Kelly could be exposed to criminal liability for being staying silent or helping Kelly in his alleged sex crimes. Avenatti said that Kelly was dependent on the people on his team to help him target underage girls, lure them, and pay them, off to keep him quiet for years.

"[R. Kelly] could not have accomplished this for 28 years without the assistance of others who looked the other way because they didn’t want the R. Kelly gravy train to end,” he said.

Avenatti said that he expects Kelly's insiders to turn on him if prosecutors for after them. “His handlers and enablers are going to look to save their own butts as opposed to R. Kelly,” he said.