This morning, R. Kelly made a surprise appearance on CBS This Morning to speak with Gayle King about the accusations made against him. After the Surviving docu-series aired, issues that had previously been brought up regarding Kelly's wildly inappropriate use of minors in sex acts came back into the light. We spoke with Michael Avenatti about the case a few days ago for an exclusive interview and he told us that he believes that the singer is a "sociopath." This new interview will likely have people agreeing with the attorney on that statement. Representing the parents of Azriel Clary and two of Kelly's alleged victims, Avenatti spoke out on Twitter about the singer's new interview, issuing a statement from the Clary's.

"R. Kelly’s tears are out of fear and despair," wrote Avenatti. "Because he knows that after over two decades of sexually abusing underage girls, we blew this wide open and have him and his enablers dead to rights." He later listed a number of things that he has learned since watching the interview with Gayle King. "1. R Kelly is a much better singer than he is an actor; 2. He is desperate and distraught because he knows he has been caught. 3. He thinks sexual assault of young girls in the “way way past” cannot be charged. 4. He is guilty."

Regarding comments that Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage were "sold" to the singer, Angelo and Alice Clary strongly deny anything of that sort. "We never 'sold' our daughter to him or anyone else," writes the family. "R. Kelly is a desperate liar and serial abuser of young girls who should die in prison. All of the victims and parents cannot be lying." 

Angelo and Alice also referred to Kelly's behavior as "pathetic and disgusting" in their statement, writing, "It is pathetic and disgusting that R Kelly has manipulated these young girls and lied to them about their families. It has been his modus operandi for decades and part of his abuse."

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