In the midst of his barrage of tweets exposing Universal and Sony of locking him into a "slave" contract for the rest of his life, Kanye West said that he believes White media outlets intentionally tore down people like Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, and surprisingly enough, R. Kelly

Already, the mention of R. Kelly was enough to get people talking. Then, Kanye posted a video of himself urinating on a GRAMMY Award, which accelerated the trend and got Kelly's name posted as one of the primary Trending Topics on Twitter.

Since then, memes and jokes have been flying, hitting a peak prior to Kanye's temporary ban from the micro-blogging site.

Some people are sharing Soulja Boy's infamous "He copied my whole fucking flow!!!" moment, others are simply commenting on the situation as a whole, touching on West's claim that the media destroyed the disgraced singer's career. 

Even R. Kelly's lawyer Douglas Anton reached out, requesting copies of Kanye's contracts so he could look them over.

However, the loudest response has been in the comments to Kanye's peeing video, with hundreds of people mentioning R. Kelly in the replies.

Personally, Kelly has not been doing too well as of late. Last month, he was attacked in his jail cell by an angry inmate over the protests his fans have pulled outside of the jailhouse, shutting down their access to showers and other basic necessities.

His recent attempt to be released was denied, as well.

Going off of Kanye's statement, do you think that R. Kelly was taken down by White media or was his teardown deserved?