Even though he can’t go anywhere and is technically self-quarantining himself at the moment, R. Kelly is still feeling the effects of this coronavirus pandemic. TMZ reports that the Chicago singer is unable to meet with his lawyers due to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Kelly's legal team apparently tried to see their client last Thursday at MCC Chicago where he's currently behind bars, but they were blocked from entering by corrections personnel. Sources say his legal team wanted to talk with Kellz about his legal strategy, something they often discuss. However, that all came to a halt this week as his lawyers were unable to gain access into the building. For what its worth, Kellz can still call his lawyers from inside the jail but that's not nearly as effective as an in-person sit-down.

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A rep for the Bureau of Prisons in Illinois say jail staff is suspending visits for the next 30 days, but they'll allow certain legal meet-ups on a case-by-case basis. The rep says they're making their determinations with an eye toward avoiding unnecessarily exposing inmates and others. They say they recognize the importance of allowing the inmates access to lawyers and will try to accommodate that to the greatest extent possible.

As for R. Kelly’s legal team, they are going to try and schedule a meeting with their client for the future, but nothing is set in stoned yet.