Though 6ix9ine could be released sometime in the near future, R. Kelly, on the other hand, continues his fight to get out of jail. According to The Blast, R. Kelly has filed documents in court refuting the prosecutors' claim that he's a threat to society. He even went to say that there's "clear and concise" evidence proving that he wouldn't pose danger to the community. 

Antonio Perez - Pool via Getty Images

Many would argue that the long list of allegations against him is also "clear and concise evidence" proving otherwise but his lawyer made it clear that Kellz isn't a "violent" criminal. His lawyer defines violent as someone accused of a crime involving a weapon or guns. "The question of whether the Defendant had met his burden to establish by clear and convincing evidence that he did not pose a danger to the community was a close one at the March 6 hearing," the letter reads. "Defense counsel presented ample evidence at that hearing that aside from the arrest from which the alleged violation of supervised release arises, the Defendant does not have a violent background: no prior convictions involved violent conduct or gun charges."

Kelly's lawyer argued that because of the current climate in the U.S., it would be near impossible for him to practice social distancing right now. "To suggest that the jail is a safe environment against this disease is foolish, as well as baseless. The purported protective measures being taken by the BOP, and cited by the government, are and will be completely inadequate. First, the idea that, just because more soap has become available, the conditions have miraculously become sanitary, is nonsensical. The inmate still has no protection from those things he must touch."