R. Kelly has been travelling back and forth from jail, to court, to his home. The singer has been accused by many women of sexual abuse, including some that say that he abused them while they were underage. In the last few weeks, we've witnessed an explosive interview between Kelly and Gayle King, fake suicide threats from his victims, and more. Now, the man has returned to court and according to TMZ, he's trying hard to have his child support payments lowered. 

Recently, Kelly revealed how much money is left in his bank account, noting that he wasn't able to pay what he owes his ex-wife Drea Kelly because he only has $350K. That's merely a fraction of what he's made throughout his career, once being valued at over $150 million. Because of his current financial struggles, Kelly has had to depend on his fans to pay his way out of jail, being bailed out by supporters both times. Upon his arrival in court, the artist reportedly asked the judge in his case to consider lowering his child support payments.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

TMZ notes that Kelly is hoping that a monthly reduction in his child support will be granted today. As of January 2009, he was supposed to be paying Drea Kelly upwards of $20K per month but as you all know, he fell flat on that promise. Kelly's ex-wife says that the singer's decision to stop paying child support was a conscious one. Drea believes that he has been trying to control her by cutting off her finances

Do you think R. Kelly will end up in prison for his alleged crimes?