We might actually be witnessing the demise of R. Kelly. The singer has been under public scrutiny after allegations of sexual misconduct and child molestation re-surfaced earlier this year. Earlier this week, Michael Avenatti handed over a new sex tape that reportedly shows the singer engaging in sexual acts with a 14-year-old girl. At this point, it seems inevitable that he'll be indicted especially since a few of his alleged victims were flown out to watch the tape.

According to TMZ, a grand jury has been formed and Kellz' alleged victims may have had a part in how quickly it was done. Several women who claim to be victims of R. Kelly's sex crimes were flown out to Chicago in order to review the tape. Avanetti said that the video included footage of the singer having sex with a minor. CNN, who claimed to have seen the footage, said the singer urinates on a minor in the video.

The alleged victims include a few women who haven't even come out publicly. They were asked to look over the tape in order to see if anything seemed familiar to them such as the location, the girl's identity, the location and any other details that could help build the case against R. Kelly.

With the tape in the hands of prosecutors and witnesses willing to provide more details to the tape, there's a good chance the grand jury will have enough evidence to indict R. Kelly.

We'll keep you posted on more information.