Surviving R. Kelly exposed the singer's alleged sexual misconduct while contextualizing these horrific events by beginning the narrative with Kelly's family situation. The documentary series recalled a past interview in which the "Step In The Name Of Love" artist revealed he had been molested as a child. Although he had opened up about this trauma, the identity of his abuser remained unknown to the public until recently. His brother, Carey Kelly, who claims to have also been the victim of abuse by a family member, sat down to detail the dire experience. According to his testimony, their older sister, Theresa Kelly, was the predator.

Carey describes the ordeal as a "catch-22 type situation" since his sister was the only one who could watch the younger siblings while their mother worked. This reality caused an already difficult subject to become virtually unspeakable for Carey who considered telling his mom about the abuse. "I didn't know if she was gonna believe me," he said. "I didn't know how everything would change by me speaking on it." In Surviving R. Kelly, Carey recalled telling his older brother, Robert, about the molestation and was met with complete denial. 

Watch the full interview below for Carey's detailed account.