It seems trouble follows wherever R. Kelly goes lately. In the thick of his numerous trials, we recently reported on R. Kelly acquiring a second chance on his sexual assault trial which he had previously lost by forfeit for not showing up. While the rapper experienced a small win, he was hit with an action capable of jeopardizing his streak as the Cook County State attorney's office launched a phone line dedicated to answering phone calls from anyone who has been victimized by R. Kelly in the past. Considerably, the crooner better ensure to be fully lawyered up because it looks like his legal troubles will not end anytime soon.

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

To add another L to the list, TMZ reported on R. Kelly's daughter, Joan Lee, being forced to drop out of university because her father failed to foot the tuition bill. According to the child support agreement with his ex-wife Drea, R. Kelly is to pay for his daughter's school fees until she turns 23. Yet, the bill remains unpaid. Lee also claims her father stopped paying for her housing and school supplies, furthermore alleging that she had to pay for her own books. 

Despite his daughter's claims, R. Kelly's manager, Darrell Johnson, affirms the singer's payments to be reliant on "billing statements and proof of expenses" which the artist claims to have never gotten. Kelly also claims to have believed his daughter dropped out because she stopped providing proof of payment requirements. Though sources shared with TMZ that Joan is ready to go back to school yet with all the legal issues her father has been experiencing, we can't help but wonder whether or not it is financially possible.