The media circus surrounding R. Kelly and the documentary detailing his sexual misconduct over the years has been insane. Dozens of women have stood up and spoken their truth, explaining exactly what R. Kelly has done to them. Earlier today, it was revealed that Sony finally dropped the disgraced singer from his record deal, which is something that people have been begging for outside of the corporate office. A few days ago, Drea Kelly, R. Kelly's ex-wife, did an interview on the radio regarding Kelly's abuse and she explained what his children refer to him as.

Last week, Kelly's estranged daughter Buku Abi spoke out about her father, calling him a "monster" and commenting on all of the terrible things he has been accused of. Drea says that she's still experiencing abuse from R. Kelly, financially withholding money that she needs to support their kids. In terms of his children, Drea says that they don't even refer to him as "dad" during conversation. Instead, they call him "Robert Sr." when they address him. She notes that it's because of how disconnected Kelly is to his children. Apparently, he changed his phone number and didn't even give his new contact information to them.

Drea has been telling her story for years and now, things are finally being pieced together. Surviving R. Kelly brought things to the forefront that have been assumed for years.