If you've been following all the updates regarding Azriel Clary, one of R. Kelly's girlfriends, you were likely surprised to see what went down yesterday in Chicago. After moving out of the disgraced singer's Trump Tower apartment, Azriel returned on Kelly's birthday to presumably pack up more of her belongings for her move to Los Angeles. When she arrived at her former place of residence, she began filming the experience for her new fans on social media, live-streaming it all and divulging tons of information about her life with the artist. Joycelyn Savage, Kelly's other girlfriend, also made an appearance in the video but she clearly was not happy about Clary's return, confronting her and even getting into a physical fight on camera. Clary told Savage that she would go to the police and have her locked up for having sexual intercourse with a minor (herself) when things got heated and after reports started flying around about Savage possibly being arrested, it has been confirmed that the 24-year-old turned herself into the authorities

As reported by ABC Chicago, Joycelyn Savage was charged with misdemeanour battery after her fight with Azriel Clary yesterday. Police were called to Trump Tower in Chicago about a fight in the residential area of the building before Azriel Clary was reportedly taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Savage reportedly turned herself in and, shortly after, was charged for the attack. 

Azriel Clary confirmed the news on her Twitter, alleging that Savage was "in jail" for assaulting her. This situation is getting pretty out-on-control. We'll keep you updated as developments continue to pour in.

Scott Olson/Getty Images