The family of one of R. Kelly's girlfriends is slamming claims their daughter made in her interview with Gayle King. The lawyer representing Joycelyn Savage's family issued a statement in response to allegations that they've received any sort of money from R. Kelly. 

Scott Olson/Getty Images

"We have unequivocally denied allegations that the Savage family received money from Robert Kelly," attorney Gerald Griggs said in the statement. "At no point was money given to the Savage Family, discussed with the Savage Family, requested by the Savage family or offered to the Savage family.”

The statement was issued a day after Kelly's explosive interview with Gayle King where he suggested that the parents of both Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage were using their daughters to get money out of him. "What kind of father, what kind of mother, would sell their daughter to a man? How come it was ok for me to see them until they weren’t getting no money from it?” He said.

In response, the Savages denied they've received payments and challenged Kelly to prove that they did, saying, “In fact, we’ve asked Mr. Kelly several times to produce receipts of such transaction.”

In the statement, Griggs also mentioned that Kelly was also in the room during Clary and Savage's interview with Gayle King. “Furthermore, Gayle King stated that the interviews, like the police wellness checks, were conducted in the presence of Robert Kelly. I don’t know how else to ensure that a lie holds up without the perpetrator in the room," it reads. 

Peep the statement below.