TMZ has learned that two new accusers have stepped forward against R. Kelly. The media outlet was also on hand when the two women joined forces to make their accusations official in a press conference this morning at 11 am. The proceedings have been recorded are available to those who'd like to put a face to the women who wish to remain anonymous until further notice.

The two women were flanked by attorney Gloria Allred when the conference kicked off in New York City. Allred moderated a linear discussion where the alleged victims recounted their participation in an after party put on the disgraced singer. As the story goes, both women were invited to the said party after Kelly spotted them in the crowd at one of his infamous "front row" concerts. 

In other R. Kelly-related news, a grand jury has been assembled to investigate a sex tape which allegedly shows the singer engaging in sexual acts with what is believed to be a 14-year-old girl. The damning evidence was presented to Cook County's State Attorney's Office by attorney Michael Avenatti. It's still unclear whether the new accusers are in any way involved with Avenatti's prosecution efforts in Chicago.