On the heels of Lifetime airing Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning, which exposed more of the heinous sex crimes that the singer allegedly committed, his team just shared a video to celebrate his birthday. R. Kelly turns 53 behind bars today, but the latest post on his Instagram page seems to be written in his voice. "Thank You God, For Life, Health, and Strength 🙏🏾 🎂 Thank You Fans, For The Love ❤️," the caption reads. 

This message of gratitude accompanies a video from two years ago of Kelly appearing onstage at an Xscape concert in Los Angeles. At the show, he told the crowd that he was about to turn 51 at midnight and then proceeded to sing "Happy Birthday" to himself. While one would expect that this year, in light of all the disturbing stories that have been unearthed about him, Kelly would be the only one wishing himself a happy birthday, the comments on today's IG post are flooded with fans praising him. It's possible that Kelly's team is monitoring the comment section to delete any negativity, but either way, it's shocking to see how many people are still rocking with him. 

The most recent update in regards to Kelly's court cases is that he will be pleading not guilty to his charge of bribing a public official in order to marry a minor - that minor having been the late R&B singer, Aaliyah. Kelly's former tour manager has agreed to testify against him though, so Kelly's claim will be even shakier.