Tough questions lay ahead for Rae Sremmurd after they endured the ultimate test of their brotherly union on a recent episode of Hot Ones entitled "Truth of Dab." The object of the game was to answer a potentially divisive question from host Sean Evans or face the consequence of ingesting a deathly chicken wing, teaming with heat-seeking microbes. How did they fare, you'll have to wait in the long grass as the damage comes into effect, gradually over time?

For starters, Evans asked Slim Jxmmi, the eldest of two siblings, to name the Rae Sremmurd song that would benefit from Swae Lee's omission. With all due respect to the options at play, Jxmmi hesitated for a second before coming to his senses and eating the "death wing" whole. Lucky for Slim, there was plenty of calcium to quell the fireworks going on in his mouth.

As Swae Lee tackled a far less divisive question about pet ownership in the next round, Jxmmi standing to his left struggles to hold it together in the face of heat-seeking adversity. By the end of the segment, Swae Lee would acquit himself the better of two "Truth of Dab" players, only to further the sibling-rivalry behind the scenes.