Lord Jamar has made major contributions to hip-hop as a member of Brand Nubian but these days, he comes across as more of a provocateur. Throughout the past few years, he's shared several highly unpopular opinions about the rap game -- from rapper's wearing skirts to Eminembeing a guest in the house of hip-hop. In all fairness, neither of those things are really controversial, although the rapper's wearing skirts thing was mildly problematic. Earlier this week, he shared another hot take about his opinion on female rappers. To keep things short, he doesn't fuck with them! What a surprise!

Rah Digga, who co-hosts a podcast with Jamar, finally responded to Jamar's comments on Twitter. Ultimately, Lord Jamar's opinions are weightless to Rah Digga. "Nope. That's his opinion. And the second last thing I care about (the last being ANYBODY'S opinion on ANYTHING) is Lord Jamar's opinion of female rappers," she wrote.

Many have wondered why Jamar is still relevant in 2019, especially since many of his takes ruffle feathers. A fan asked Rah Digga why Jamar has a platform at all but it appears that she's okay with Jamar spewing his nonsense. "I get to cuss him out and smoke the highest grades of marijuana. Please don't steal my thunder," she responded.

Rah Digga and Lord Jamar host Yanadameen Godcast every week.