Despite nearly coming blows over a helmet grievance, the Oakland Raiders fully expect Antonio Brown to be back in training camp sometime this week. As previously reported, AB took issue with the NFL's decision to discontinue the helmet he's used in previous campaigns. His spat doesn't appear to have been directed at his employers, but rather the league's restrictive policy against personalized equipment. 

According to Vic Tafur of The Athletic, the Raiders have been in constant contact with Brown since he defiantly fled the scene (threatening his early retirement). Team officials have been told Antonio Brown, while still very much perturbed by the NFL's decision, will be in Napa, California to resume training in the coming days.

Tafur was also told that Antonio Brown sudden outburst caught his Raiders' teammates by surprise, but everyone, including the upper management, has treated the issue rather delicately, given his stature within the team. Soon after fleeing the scene, AB filed a grievance against the league for reneging on "their arrangement." He apparently tried to sneak his old helmets into training, unsuccessfully I might add, rather than take issue with his new employers. The wide receiver has his reasons for all of this: the new helmets block his field of vision.