Luka Doncic is one of the best young players in basketball and some pundits are saying he has a real chance at becoming the NBA MVP this season. Every single game Doncic has made teams look silly with his shooting ability. Sunday afternoon was no different as he handed the Los Angeles Lakers their first loss in ten games. It was a spectacular outing and many of the Staples Center fans took notice of what he was able to do to a team that had been widely regarded as the best in the entire league.

One Lakers player got caught admiring Luka just a little too much yesterday and, of course, that player was none other than Rajon Rondo. As you can see in the clip below, Rondo was sitting on the bench with Luka right in front of him. In a moment of vulnerability, Rondo can be seen giving Luka the up and down look which was caught on camera.

In true Twitter fashion, Rondo was immediately roasted for the look he gave Luka and many took to social media to deliver some hilarious captions at Rondo's expense. It's impossible to tell whether the look was intentional or whether his head was in the clouds for a second but either way, Twitter came through with the jokes. 

After this experience, Rondo might have to refrain from looking at his opponents in the future, which is certainly a tall task.