Ralo's reps jumped on Instagram to forward a very important message concerning his Federal indictment. Of course, the Atlanta rapper couldn't have done it without the help of his social media handlers pushing his righteous cause on a daily basis, or without the horsepower of the attorneys in his stable.

Ralo has been embroiled in this Federal indictment going back a year now, According to this report, he was offered a 5-year plea deal in exchange for information, he ultimately wanted no part in relaying. Since rebuking the offer, Ralo has seen his public profile take a positive turn, in view of all the stitchery that's been making the headlines of late. Yesterday's celebratory message reads as follows.

"I told yawl the boy was coming home this year, court was amazing today. No arrest warrants, No search warrants, No nothing... #FreeRalo Alhamdulilah," was the wording his liaison chose to interpret on his behalf.

Those close to the situation believe the Feds targeted Ralo without substantial evidence to back their claims - all because they wanted to put an end to the 25-year olds pervasive influence in the streets. They did not incur facing this much resilience from Ralo or his team, just as law enforcement officials continue in their fruitless attempt at erasing a problem that exists at the systemic level most importantly. FREE RALO not a moment too soon!