Ralo, the Atlanta rapper who was arrested for possession of nearly $1 million worth of weed on a private plane as well as another million found in a van, may have more to lose in this case than just his time in prison. 

According to a report from 11Alive, a federal grand jury indictment states that, if Ralo is convicted of any of the charges he's facing, must forfeit all his property related to the crime, including a 20-unit apartment complex that was previously raided by authorities, five other properties, as well as nine cars; which include a Lamborghini, a corvette, and two chargers. 

Ralo is currently facing four counts of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. 

Ralo, along with four of his associates, is being held in prison while a judge waits to reevaluate whether or not to offer him a bond.  During a hearing on Tuesday, prosecutors claimed that undercover police officers had previously purchased drugs and weapons from one of Ralo's apartment complexes, and alleged that he's the leader of a "Famerica" street gang, who commit crimes under Ralo's direction. 

Prosecutors also used his Instagram posts as evidence during the hearing, but Ralo's attorneys insisted that any photos of guns or large amounts of cash were simply props to be used for music videos. 

Thanks to the new indictment, Ralo will have another hearing scheduled for next week. In the meantime, Ralo's representatives and fellow community members continue to rally behind him, and call for his freedom.