Sylvester Stallone is bringing Rambo back yet again. What started as a story about a Vietnam vet whose PTSD triggered a rampage that landed him in prison, turned into an action franchise. Now, Rambo will return for a fifth outing. Stallone also brought his Rocky series back to life, but the direction of telling a new story with Michael B. Jordan helped reboot the line. If the same method were applied to Rambo V, it would make sense. Instead, it appears that Stallone will remain as the star and he's taking Rambo to the West. 

Not the West as in California though. Stallone shared a photo on Instagram of him wearing a cowboy outfit with the caption, "Tonight we start filming…!" Maybe Rambo has found some peace in the plains of central United States, and living life like a cowboy offers him some reprieve.  He then shared another picture of a man riding a horse on set. "Comes a Horseman Wild and Free. @rambomovie #rambo5," wrote Stallone as the caption. Fans of the series are skeptical about Rambo's new look, but the last film did end with the veteran returning to American and settling on a ranch. Rambo V is set to drop in 2019.