Ramriddlz Ditches His Aphrodisia For "Cheeseman" Moniker

Devin Ch
June 23, 2018 16:12

Ramriddlz switches his routine in "Cheeseman" music video.

Ramriddlz has taken a slide since premiering "Woke Up" on a healthier tip. In his new video "Cheeseman" we find him losing sight of fitness goals. In lieu of picking flowers and ringing in the day with shower sex, Ramriddlz stoops to swallowing a Xanax tablet. Such is the holding pattern he goes on to describe: life on the road, little to no sleep, and plenty groupies chasing his tail.

"Cheeseman" is your typical unfocused green screen music video, the type which allows for experimentation and cost control, almost simultaneously. A Ramriddlz' cutout peppers the screen as if the ALT key were anchored down by an invisible paper weight. When Ram regains control of his body, he oscillates between surfing on imaginary waves, and shopping for Roadman track jackets.

"Cheeseman" is everything we've to expect. Sure Ram values entertainment quotients before anything, but don't let that dampen your expectations. Anything you say you against Ramriddlz would reflect poorly on your mental outlook. Fans in Winnipeg, Manitoba can check out his show at Citizen tonight at 11pm.

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