The highlight of last night's People's Choice Awards occurred at an unlikely moment, as Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, and the rest of the hosts of CBS' "The Talk" gathered onstage to give their acceptance speech after winning Favorite Daytime TV Hosting Team.

In the middle of their speech, a random dude wandered on stage, commandeered the mic, and delivered his message to the people. “My name is Zacari Nicasio. Shoutout to Kevin Gates, Islah album. Yeezy jumped over the jumpman, yes sir."

Islah drops January 29, the second part was a reference to Kanye West's new track "FACTS."

Osbourne kicked him twice in attempt to get him off the stage. The guy was on camera for all of five seconds, but it was enough to completely steal the thunder of the people accepting their award. What a coup.

Watch it all go down below.