Lil Wayne didn't get the nickname "Mixtape Weezy" for nothing. Over the course of hip-hop history, very few artists have used the art of the mixtape to their advantage as well as Weezy F. It's helped to blow up the likes of Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky and even Drake over the past decade, but Wayne's 13 mixtapes came when he was already a star. He didn't need the tapes to become a star, but they certainly propelled him in to GOAT territory by simply crushing the output of his competitors.

No one could match his prolific era. If he wasn't releasing a #1 album, he was putting out a mixtape that trumped the popularity of anything else released that month. Since he did it so often, he was always on the tip of everybody's tongue. Over the last 10 years, Wayne released 9 albums and 11 mixtapes, simply dwarfing anyone else's output. If you can't find something special in any of Tha Carters, Dedications, Droughts, Sorry 4 the Waits, or the others, well, maybe you should just hit up the next article then.

For those who do find something they love in Wayne's music, this is for you. There's no doubt that you'll have discrepancies, maybe even outrage, at some of these selections, so feel free to call us out in the comments. Ultimately, this is a celebration of a prolific man.