No better way to start the decade than by breaking a Guinness World Record for your ability to rap. The latter happened to Pittsburgh based artist Harvey Daniels, known as Frzy, who broke the longest rap marathon ever done by an MC. According to the Post Gazette, Frzy rapped for 31 hours straight with five-minute breaks every hour. 

A doctor was on hand to assist in case of any vocal injuries, but Frzy made it through and all proceeds went to the MusiCares Foundation. “I feel surreal right now, like an out-of-body experience, kind of,” the new champ said after he broke the record. “I’m going to sleep standing up and probably still not fall. I got a negotiation with gravity.” Before the timer began, Frzy hugged his mother and finance at the Ross Township's Northway Mall, where the record was broken.

"I practiced all week and I got into my zone,” he added of his preparation. “It was rough in the middle of the night and during bathroom breaks. Between 2 (a.m.) and 6 a.m. was really rough.” The last rapper to hold the title was Los Angeles act Pablo Alvarez who rapped for 25 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds.