Authorities in New Jersey are investigating the senseless shooting death of rising rapper Triple Beanz. It's been reported that last Friday (November 27), Tripple Beanz, real name Corey Thompson, was in Newark when he was gunned down in broad daylight. The rapper was around the 300 block of Avon Avenue in the bustling city when Beanz is seen in surveillance footage walking toward his parked car. Suddenly, two masked men jump out of an SUV, walk across the street, and open fire on the unsuspecting 29-year-old.

After unloading a number of shots, Beanz falls and rolls into the street. One of the suspects reportedly looked as if he wanted to make sure that Beanz was dead so, at close range, he fired the final shot into his head. The killers then ran off as the shocking altercation stunned bystanders.

"So lost for words... Our hearts are hurting bad here at DFG," wrote DFG (Destined For Greatness) Recording Studio in an Instagram tribute. "Beanz man. A superstar in the making and more importantly family here. Genuinely was tryna change his life around. This was a man who WORKED and had SO MUCH TALENT. This whole thing is so f*cked. Tripple Beanz, we love you man and your legacy will forever live on through us and your music."

It's reported that no arrests have been made, and if investigators do have any persons of interest, those names haven't been shared with the public. Earlier this year, Tripple Beanz worked with Fetty Wap on his single, "Let's Get It" and you can check out the music video for the track below along with a few posts from the late rapper. We offer our sincerest condolences to Corey Thompson's loved ones.