The immediate impact of Coronavirus on the economy has been grave and it seems to be especially harsh on artists and touring acts. According to TMZ, the numerous tour and show cancelations in wake of Coronavirus aren't covered by insurance companies and there's a lot of rappers, singers, and musicians as a whole getting hit hard by this.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images


Many prominent managers told the tabloid site that it was already impossible to book shows in the last few weeks but after Trump urged people not to be in crowds of more than 10 people, it appears to be getting worse. Now, as we've all heard, several artists have been forced to cancel or postpone tour dates and those who've pulled the plug on scheduled dates are now being rejected by insurance companies. 

Previous pandemics, such as SARS and H1N1, had several insurance companies revising their plans to exclude pandemics from coverage. Even those that don't include exclusionary language are denying many artists and managers over the latest virus. There's a lot that goes into these tours. Staging, lighting, staff, and more are some costly expenses that need to be covered. Apparently, a lot of artists and their managers are fighting against the insurance companies to cover the financial blows due to the virus.

Although TMZ didn't list any of the acts, Moneybagg Yo hit Twitter over the weekend to reveal that his pockets are feeling the effects of Coronavirus.