While December 21 may just be a normal winter solstice for a few of you out there, the date has literally been on the minds of "Black Twitter" for weeks due to a lighthearted rumor that Black people would be receiving some sort of ancestral powers today. We're sure this was a joke made in jest, but some of our favorite rappers of African American heritage are taking this very seriously. Of course, NLE Choppa's third eye was one of the main ones tingling for attention.

Rappers 12/21 Winter Solstice Superpowers Theory freddie gibbs tierra whack nle choppa
Image: Sarah Morris/Getty Images for BET

Choppa's stance on the whole superpowers ordeal has been made very public over the past few days on his Twitter (seen above), which borders on the lines of spirituality and superficial thinking. Others like Freddie Gibbs and Tierra Whack got more comedic, with Gibbs even blaming his newfound powers on the reason why he just got banned (again) from Instagram. Missy Elliott and Lil Nas X were also comical in their posts, and we're sure a few other Black entertainers out there are finding ways to have fun with the whole situation. Now the only question is what kind of superpowers are some of these hip-hop stars boasting — we're willing to bet that Yung Miami can make fire come out of her mouth judging by the way she's been roasting people on Twitter lately!

Take a look below at how some of your favorite rappers are reacting to the 12/21 "superpowers" kicking in today, along with a few other tweets not by rappers that were just too funny to pass by: